We Are

clara bahlsen (1978, Berlin, Germany) studied visual communication as a master’s student of Fons Hickmann at the Universität der Künste Berlin. She was then a postgraduate with Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe since 2009 and is held in well-known collections including the C/O Berlin Bibliothek, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library and MoMA in New York. Since 2009 she has also been publishing individual artist’s books as part of her practice. ‘The focus of my artistic work is photography. My work is based on the cultural-anthropological examination of the German middle-classes. Lifestyles of individuals, the observation of the everyday and normality as well as the trappings and status symbols of mainstream society are the starting points of my art.’

chikara umihara (1974, Tokyo, Japan) formerly practiced & competed Karate over 20 years before taking up Photography in 2006. After several severe injuries, he gave up pursuing his career as a competitor, and made a month trip in USA. For this trip, his close friend lent a camera to him. Chikara immediately drawn to Photography, when he first looked through the viewfinder, and thought “everything looked flat and unreal”. The impact of this experience shook him the way he had looked at the world before. But, soon he realised that he had experienced a same impact when he was a kid, traveling outskirts alone with bicycle, lost and stood still for a long time in the late afternoon, looking at the world in front of him which suddenly turned into “flat and unreal”. As Chikara pursued his interest in Photography, he found the similar quality in both Karate & Photography. His practice is the hybrid of both.

felipe russo (1979, São Paulo, Brazil) has a degree in Biology with a major in Landscape Ecology, disciplines that still inform his practice. For the past four years Russo has worked around São Paulo’s downtown district with a deep interest in the overlap of history, social use and memory found in the citie’s current physical structure. Felipe graduated from the limited residency MFA in Photography at the Hartford Art School. His first independent publication CENTRO was selected as one of the best photo books of 2014 by Time Magazine and was part of exhibitions in São Paulo, Mumbai, Montevideo and Buenos Aires in 2015. Felipe was nominated for the AIMIA | AGO photography Prize and was a finalist of the Source-Cord Prize and Conrado Wessell 2014. His works can be found in public and private collections such as the Maison Européenne de La Photography in Paris, France and has exhibited in Brazil, Germany, France, USA and Guatemala.

nicolas silberfaden (1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina) Paris based, has spent more than 10 years living and working in the US. In 2007 he graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Documentary full-time program and later received a master’s degree from the Hartford Limited Art Residency MFA in Photography Program at Hartford University. His photographs have been published and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the world. His work is in private and public collections such as La Maison Blanche in France, and MARQ in Buenos Aires and his first monograph, ‘738’, from images he made while in Los Angeles, was self-published earlier this year. His second monograph ‘CRISTINA SAN PEDRO” will be released later this year. He currently teaches undergraduate level photography at Paris College of Art.

teresa eng, originally from Canada, moved to London after receiving her Masters in Photography at the London College of Communication in 2008. Teresa’s observations of the traces and imperfections of everyday life act as a starting point for her work. These observations allow her to make sense of the world around her. Her book “Speaking of scars’ was a shortlisted for the the 2013 Aperture/Paris Photo First Book Award, 2013 Les Rencontres d’Arle ‘Prix de Livre and 2013 Fotobook festival Dummy award. She was recently awarded the Gasworks International fellowship and a Canada Council for the arts grant.